Nitrogen generators


Chromatec Nitrogen generator for producing nitrogen from ambient air. The operation principle is based on method of Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) optimized to produce high purity nitrogen for chromatography applications.

With “Crystal Nitrogen” generator you can forget about gas tanks and long tubes through your lab. Basic components, like an internal compressor, a catalytic reactor for hydrocarbon removal, oxygen sensor implemented in robust design provide great performance for most GC applications.

- PSA technology in tandem with catalytic reactor guaranties removal trace impurities of O2, CO2, CO, H2O, CH4 and other organics
- 2 models available: with or without built-in compressor
- Hydrocarbon removal in standard model
- Standard built-in Oxygen sensor displays O2 content at the outlet
- 4 line display with keyboard on the front panel
- Less than 3 ppm O2 content at the outlet can be reduced down to 0.1ppm with additional Catalytic purifier 20.0
- Cost-saving solution

Application range:
- Carrier gas for gas chromatography
- Make up gas for GC detectors: TCD, ECD, FID, NPD
- HPLC, TOC and other laboratory applications.
Key Features
Nitrogen purity
> 99.9995 %
Nitrogen output pressure
400 kPa
Productivity by nitrogen, L/hour (ml/min)
20 (333) / 30 (500) - depends on model
Oxygen concentration
< 3 ppm
Moisture concentration
< 7 ppm
Hydrogen concentration
< 2 ppm
Total hydrocarbon level
< 0.05 ppm