Privacy Policy

This privacy statement covers 4 key points:

1.       Notice

2.       Choice

3.       Access & security

4.       Cookies


Chromatec collects, stores and uses personal data to provide the better service for visitors and customers. You can visit us without any identification procedures and simply get any data you can find while browsing, however, some restricted parts of website will ask for special permission.

We collect the following information:

-          Different technical data regarding your browsing session, e.g. browser type, language, IP address, visited pages and other.

-          Personal information required to access to website’s restricted parts

Collected data is commonly used for our own statistics, reporting, website enhancements and better customer relationship.


Chromatec will not use your personal information in any way not described in this Statement or share it with third parties without offering you a choice to allow such usage/sharing or not.

Under your personal agreement we may send you e-mail messages with marketing purpose, such as newsletters, website updates, specials offers and promotions. Anytime you want you may terminate this activity simply following the unsubscribe instructions offered in every message.

Access and security

Every registered user has the ability of easy access, correction or deletion of his/her personal data. If an access attempt leads to failure – contact us.

Chromatec uses all the necessary and sufficient means of informational protection to ensure the security of your personal data. Chromatec is not responsible for any data loss during the broadcast between you and the Website. Every visitor or registered user of Chromatec website is personally responsible for secure storage of own account access data (e.g. login and/or password).


Cookie is a small-size file stored at your computer and containing information about visiting the webpage. It help us to identify you and provide the better service more narrowly when you come back. It helps you not to repeat typing searching data any time you want to find the same one you searched earlier. Cookies we use may be stored or session, necessary or advertising but all of them are dedicated to make your visit to our website more comfortable.

If you want not to allow us to use cookies during your visit you may refuse them in your browser settings.

If you have any suggestions, complaints or questions regarding Chromatec’s Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Latest edition: July 15, 2016