Gas chromatographs / Mass-spectrometers


Chromatec's unique GC/MS solutioins offer both unsurpassed sensitivity an unparalleled stability for a wide range of applications in any laboratory. The system can deliver high-performance, throughtput and accuracy.
Chromatec Crystal GC-MSD is fully automated, designed for very easy service and has a user friendly software. Instrument features a wide range of accessories and compatible with all Chromatec’s sample introduction systems.
Key Features
Chemical ionization
Direct probe system (DPS)
Operation modes
Scan & SIM (simultaneous)
Scan speed
Up to 20,000 amu/sec
Leak test
Detection system
High-sensitivity off-axis 10 kV dynode plus long-life electron multiplier
Ion source
Made of an inert material with minimal adsorption
Double for EI and CI
Other features
Glass window for observing filament operation
Dual reagent gas for CI