Catalytic filters


Intended for gas cleaning from oxygen and organic impurities by heating in the presence of catalyst. Catalytic filter is commonly used for nitrogen cleaning from oxygen when working with ECD as well as with WAX or FFAP column types, and aslo for cleaning of compressed air from organic impuryties when feeding flame detectors, or when air is used as carrier gas. Oxygen absorption channel can be recovered with hydrogen flow. Chromatec supplies 3 models of catalytic Filter 20.0:
  • Filter 20.0-01 - for air cleaning from organics (up to 0.1 mg/m3 and less)
  • Filter 20.0-02 - for carrier gas cleaning from oxygen (up to 5 ppmv and less)
  • Filter 20.0-03 - dual-channel filter combining -01 and -02 models