Crystal 9000 GC is fully controlled by Chromatec Analytic Software. 
Interface of Chromatec Analytic is customizable and designed for every unique needs of every user and flexible for every skill level. 
Chromatec Analytic software efficiently provides:
- fully automated instrument control;
- data acquisition and storing;
- all operations of integration of chromatographic data;
- wide options for data quantification based on normalize, ISDT or ESDT calibration;
- reporting in customized layout.

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Coupled with Chromatec Spectrum software, it supplies users with full package of mass spectrometry tools:
- full control of GC-MS parameters;
- quality & quantity analysis;
- searching and matching with assistance of the most world-spread spectral libraries (NIST, Wiley and many others).

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Chromatec Analytic provides additional options for data calculations and reporting for specific applications in accordance with ASTM, ISO, EN, DIN, GOST or customized methods:
- SimDist (Simulated Distillation)
- DHA (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis)
- LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Analysis)
- Gas (Natural & Refinery Gas Analysis)
- Energetic (Transformer Oil and Gas Analysis)
- Gasoline (Gasoline Analysis)
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